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Their Serpentine Excellencies William and Katya, Lord and Lady Loch Soilleir 
have the great pleasure of inviting you to a day of melees and artistry October 30-November 1, 2009.  
There will be much more than challenging melee scenarios created by Don Tristan and Sir Alexis for rapier and chivalric fighters alike.  Their Excellencies will be selecting 3 champions this day:  Arts and Sciences, Bardic and Children's Arts & Sciences.  (Details below) 
For lunch, $1 Sausages-on-a-stick with delicious German mustards will set your palate for the German feast being crafted by Their Graces Ulsted and Ebegardis.  This feast promises be so tempting that even the Landsknechts of old will return from their resting places in Germany to join the revelry. Please remember the site restricts us to beer & wine only in period containers. 
Newcomers :
This is THE event to which you should bring a newcomer.  Not only is the schedule packed with great things to see and do, we are cutting the site fee IN HALF for folks who have never been to an SCA event.  (No NMS for newcomers only)  

All Hallows Eve: 
Already we hear rumors of witches about.  Can you find the coven that dwells in the Loch?  Or will you be turned into a newt? 
We will also have treats for the children mid-afternoon.  
Brewing Competition: 
The Barony is proud to announce our first Brewing Competition hosted by the World Renowned Loch Brewer's Guild, and His Grace Ulsted will be offering a prize for first-time brewers.  Bring your best, and challenge our brewers.  
Baronial Bardic Competition:
The Competition for the Loch Bard will be in held in two rounds and must include pieces of differing styles (poem and song, story and song, not two songs).  Also, at least one piece must be documented to either being period or being composed in a period style.  Entrants should have a third piece prepared in case there is need for a final round.  Questions should be directed to brianoftheloch at gmail.com 
Baronial A&S Competition: 
The honor of acting as the Loch's Artisan will be judged based on a single static entry, with documentation.  Scoring will be in three parts: Kingdom forms, populace choice, and Baronial favorite.  Incorporating the Loch's colors or emblems - or adapting to the Lochtoberfest theme - will influence the final decision.  Judging will begin at noon.  Artisans are welcome and encouraged to sit with their entries while they are judged.
If you have any special needs, contact H.L. Willoc macMuiredaig <wyllowmacm at netscape.net> or the Event Steward.

We are also requesting judging teams, consisting of a Laurel, an Iris, and a Thistle.  If you would like the experience of judging, or are willing to mentor some new artisans, please contact wyllowmacm at netscape.net.

Children's A&S Competition:
Children of the Society, the Loch encourages your artistic medieval endeavors, and wishes to see your results.  Bring your entries to show the world what you can do.  (Yes, this includes Bardic, Dance, and research.)  Minimum documentation (the 5x8 Index card format) is required, and must be in your own words; however, you can ask for help.  There will be a research table with index cards and someone to help you between 9am-noon.  Judging will begin at noon.
Age limit: If you are regularly entering adult competitions, you are too experienced to enter.  
If you have any questions or special needs, contact H.L. Willoc mac Muiredaig <wyllowmacm at netscape.net>
We are still hoping to find an archery marshall and a siege weapons marshall, so do not discount these activities yet.  
Please drop a line if you'd like copies of newcomers' fliers to share with people in your area.  
Their Excellencies and Their event staff look forward to seeing you!
Rebekah Kleinspielerin 
rbevel at hotmail.com 
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