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mike dowdy mdowdy999 at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 21 23:49:52 PDT 2009

Brothers, Sisters.. 


War comes to our lands... 


Hear the call of our fathers.. hear the call of our mothers.. our brothers our sisters.. our honered  fallen. 


Do you not hear that call to battle. Do you not hear that call to war. Do you not hear the drums and horns of our foes as at ever step as they they get closer. 


Our boarder is challanged again.. war comes to our very lands. War comes to our very doorstep. War comes to ANSTEORRA.. who will hear that call to defend that name at Boardermarch.Who come to defend ANSTEORRA,  who will stand with the  mighty crown and defend the colors of ANTEORRA... Who will stand at boardermarch and be counted as a hero... 


Brothers and Sisters.. Freinds.. I ask you now to bear arms .. to stand by that banner, that name, .. ANSTEORRA....  Who among you will bleed black and gold.. who will stand as a hero. 


Who will stand with me for honor, who will stand with me for duty. who will stand with me for glory.. 


who will stand with me for victory... 


For Ansteorra.... who will stand. 


Centurian Michael. 

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