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I Michael of Gravesend send these words to the Coastal Army,
Our king soon marches the grand and dread might of Ansteorra  to Boardermarch. The rabble to our east, the kingdom of Glen Auben have gathered a force to try and take this barony, a grand barony of Ansteorra from us. This rag tag band of invaders challanges our king and queen. This army dares try and make  our homes, the Coastal Region a foothold. 
I have walked our camps waiting for the rest of our brothers and sisters. The sounds of armor being mended and swords on the stone are everywhere. We are making ready.  Bring the spirit and the heart that we are known for. We can drive back these invaders. With our King, Ulstead at our lead we cannot fail. 
War is here. The call to meet this foe had gone out, let us answer that call as the heros of Ansteorra that we are. Let us answer it with our steel and our courage. Let the sound of our sheilds crashing Glen Aubens line be our herald, let our dermination be our guide, let our victory be the storys told for years to come. 
For Ulstead and Ebergardis, for Ansteorra, and for Boardermarch!!!!! 
Centurian Michael of Gravesend, General of the Coastal Army. 


Theres always somebody out there. Always. And when that time comes and you find something standing in front of you, something that ain't running and ain't backin up and is hittin on you and your too damn tired to breathe. You find that situation on you, thats good, Cuz thats baptizim under fire! Oh you get thru that and you find the only kind of respect that matters in this world, Self respect. 
Martin from Rocky Balboa (yeah.. .its cheesy, but i like it)

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