[Coastal] GW Rapier Head Count

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Wed Mar 2 13:22:10 PST 2011

Rapier Fighters and Marshals of the Coastal Region,

In an effort to assist the Ansteorran Rapier General, Dona Amelot Lisette, in preparing battle plans, I am trying to gather an accurate count of our region's contribution to the war effort on the rapier field.  Please respond to me privately with the following information:

1. Are you attending Gulf Wars this year?
2. If you are attending, are you planning on fighting in the rapier war point melees?
3. If you are fighting, with whom do you plan to fight?  (coastal unit, another unit, independent skirmisher, etc.)
4. Would you be interested in borrowing a rapier kite shield for the battles?
5. If you are not fighting, will you be available to marshal during the battles?

In service,
Lord Diederic Andrieszen
Coastal Regional Coordinator for the Ansteorran Rapier Army


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