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Wed Oct 19 18:13:32 PDT 2011

Greetings Ansteorra!
The Shire of Seawinds will be choosing their next "Gustatory Defender" at the upcoming Seawinds Defender (Oct 28th-30th)  We invite all who wish to hold this prestigious title to come forth and meet this challenge.  Our current Defender, Mistress Oksana, has presented a challenge that will surely ensure that our next Gustatory Defender is most worthy......
"Silk Road Gustatory Pleasure"
Entrants are asked to document the spices, foods and drinks found along the Silk Road.  Bonus points for rhe use of multiple Silk Road ingredients in the same recipe as well as period ingredients.  Recipes do not have to originate from the Silk Road, you may instead us a recipe that includes several ingredients from the Silk Road.  We ask for1 to 2 page documentation to include where the ingredients originated from along with a full ingredient list.  
More than one entry is acceptable, with separate documentation for each entry.  Appetizers, main courses, desserts and non-alcoholic drinks are included in this challenge.  Please bring enough to share with 10 to 12 people per entry as entries will be a part of the lunch on Sat.
Please register by Oct 23rd by emailing HL Caitriona at prand at swbell.net  Include your name and what you plan to bring so that we may plan the rest of the lunch accordingly.
More details about the Gustatory competition and other event information can be found on our website at www.seawinds.org
HL Caitriona
HL Joanna the Spinner
Lady Aveyn
Event Stewards
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