[Coastal] A&S at Seawinds Defender

Patty prand at swbell.net
Mon Oct 24 16:22:37 PDT 2011

Seawinds Defender is just around the corner but its not too late to get your A&S projects ready. As added incentive for our newcomers, I am offering a prize to the best entry by someone who has never entered an A&S competition before. 
Judges will use the Ansteorra A&S judging form.
Documentation must accompany project-- how your project was made during your time period, how you made it. 
Include at least 3 sources in your bibliography, one of which was not found on the computer.
At the top of the form, put the words "First Time."
I hope to encourage our new or shy artisans to participate. If you have any questions please email me privately.
In Service,
Joanna the Spinner
joannemurphy111 at gmail.com

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