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Sat Oct 29 21:47:13 PDT 2011

When I think of the coastal region a great many wonderfull things come mind. Though many things have come to pass, the Coastal Army is still standing. We are still here. Our fighting heart,  our "one more time" motto is what we are, that is who we are. 
I have always been and will always be so very proud to be a part of the Coastal Army. You are the the hardest fighitng army I know of. We take what many say cannot be taken, we fight and hold what many say can not be held. We are the Coastal Army. We are the folks that are sent in to do what cannnot be done. We do what no other can.  We are coastal, you are coastal, and I am a proud coastal fighter.  
Everytime we take field we send out a message, a message that we are hard, we are tough, and we cant be broken. Come at us with all you have, and you will not break us. We are fighters who do not rest until we win, we are the army that does not know the word defeat. We  fight every battle as if it was our last, We fight untill we can no longer raise a sword, raise a sheild or stand.. .. and then we hear those sweet words "one more time" .Then again we stand. sheilds at the ready. Our swords again, and again taking down our foe. 
This is who we are, this is what it means to be part of the Coastal Army. 
Make ready for BAM, make ready for GW.  Make ready to remind our foes why they fear us, 
Michael, general, coastal army.  

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