[Coastal] Fwd: Fall Ball in the Small Hall IV: Bakers' Bransle: Jan. 28

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Sat Jan 7 12:31:43 PST 2012

Friends and Neighbors of the Southern Region of Ansteorra:

With this email The Shire of the Shadowlands welcomes you to Fall Ball
in the Small Hall IV: Bakers' Bransle!!  It will be a day of games,
classes, and combat followed by a European Ball in the evening of
Saturday, January 28th, 10 am to 10 pm.

The kitchen staff is celebrating Bruegel style with active games,
scavenger hunt, melon bocce as well as table top games.  Classes will
be themed to food and cooking(bread baking and gingerbread) and will
include a dance refresher for those who wish to take part in the
evening dances. A caligraphy class by HL Thomas atte Wood is also
scheduled.  There are rumors of goat racing and boffer food fight
barrier battles.  Martial activities dependent on attendance.

Please post to the Shadowlands email list
(shadowlandssca at yahoogroups.com), the Shire's Facebook Event page
(http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/269307079797213/), or contact the
Stewards if you'd like to teach a class (any genre welcome).  Please
also let us know if you would be interested in chivalric or rapier

After the days activities, bring a dish to share (feeds 4-6) at the
potluck. The Shire will provide a meat dish. There is a full kitchen
on site. Contact Lady Isolde (Lauren Norman) regarding the
potluck.From Isolde:  Potluck at the ball! If you are planning to eat,
please bring a dish to share, sized to serve at least 4-6. Please
provide all items necessary to heat and properly serve your dish,
please label your stuff, and please please PLEASE check in with me at
some point during the day to let me know of any specific instructions
for your food. The site has a full kitchen, but please do not plan on
doing an...y major cooking on site, especially not in the hour before
service. Things that work great--cheeses, fruit and other cold items
that can be stored in the fridge in their serving dish and simply
placed on the table, hot items in a crock pot, room-temp foods like
breads, cookies and other baked items, hot foods that can be heated in
a microwave. Food setup will begin in the late afternoon, dinner will
start shortly before the ball and food will be available for munching
throughout the dancing. Please send me a message letting me know what
you are planning on bringing so that we don't end up with enough
mashed potatoes to make a life-sized effigy from : D

The event will be held at the lovely Clubhouse in Eastside Park in
Hearne, TX.   It has tables and chairs. The site is dry.

Finally, we will clear the tables for a rousing dance ball in the
evening featuring our 4th annual dance champion Bransle Off
competition. Musicians needed and most welcome (you get to eat first!)

Event Stewards:

Kite (Colleen Fisher): collateral.cepheid at gmail.com
Caitlin la Bouche (Caitlin Wise): caitlinlabouche at yahoo.com

Site Fee: $5
Site Set up at 8am; Contact Lady Kolfinna (Kira Langsjoen) to help
with set up/take down.

Directions from Bryan/College Station:
North on TX-6 N/US-190 W.
Turn left onto W Brenken St (at the McDonalds)
Take the 2nd right onto Cedar St.
Take the 1st right onto W Brown St (Business 79 to the left; FM 391 to
the right). Take the overpass and drive 0.7 mi.
Turn left onto Norwood Ln ; drive 0.3 mi.
Take the 1st right onto Golf Course St into Eastside Park.
Follow the road .1 miles past the pool/playground to the Clubhouse building.

I hope many of you will join us for the food, fun, festivities,
friends, fighting, and the dance!  Let's shake the snow off our boots
and have a grand ol' time.

Lady kolfinna in kyrra Otarsdottir
Kira S. Langsjoen
Shadowlands Exchequer


"Do not make someone a priority who only makes you an option"

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