[Coastal] Regional Hospitaler Office is "open"

tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Fri Nov 30 22:29:32 PST 2012

Ansteorra's Southern / Coastal Regional Hospitaler office is posted "open" now in Black Star, ready to receive applications.   
The email address where all the functions happen for Southern / Coastal Regional Hospitaler files 
is at <coastal at hospitaler.ansteorra.org> 

Application forms can be found at http://www.ansteorra.org/publications/forms/
Please send completed application form, copy of SCA membership card, and copy if photo-i.d. such as driver's license or employee tag,
to this address and to HE Mistress Suzanne, Kingdom Hospitaler, <kingdom at hospitaler.ansteorra.org>

Warranting of next Regional Hosp would take place at King's Round Table the beginning of 2013.  
With holidays now upon us and the busy-ness of autumn winter at hand, it would be wonderful for interested persons 
to apply any day now.

Regional Hospitaler is a very pleasant communicative position with files color coded and grouped in a Google Mail account.
Reports from each local group are to be submitted to Regional by the 5th of each month covering the prior month, 
then this Regional office reports to Kingdom Hospitaler focusing on mentoring ideas, "how many" contacts, new members, and
local demo details. An outstanding handbook is available.

Sincerely yours,
  Southern / Coastal Regional Hospitaler
  <coastal at hospitaler.ansteorra.org>
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