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I personally think that it's a good idea.  It's good for the canton
publicity wise, and the funds are always good, too.   Thanks, Seanan, for
finding that law regarding petitioning funds and how much profit we can
     If we plan to have the event at least a month after Guardian, that will
allow people to rest and get ready for another event.  We can be sure to
choose an autocrat who will not be involved intensively with Guardian to
keep from getting burned out.   (Bad mojo to autocrat 2 major events in a
row...gets tiring!)  We should have plenty of volunteers to autocrat and
co-autocrat this event.  If we can get Tarleton's permission to hold the
event there, it would be perfect.  Pre-made classrooms!
    Organizing classes is not too hard.  Many artisans are willing to teach,
providing there is space.  It's good PR for them, too.  The hard part is
making sure we have enough classrooms for the teachers and students and that
classes don't conflict too badly.
    Does anyone else have any pearls of wisdom?

In service,

Lady Genevieve del Gamba
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At our last populace it was brought before us that we had been
asked to host King's College for 2003. This was done because
the Kingdom MoAS does not want to have to find a group at the
last minute. The canton decided to hold off making a decision
until next populace to give everyone time to discuss it. I'm using
this forum to try and get that discussion started.

What reservations do people have about us being able to pull
off this event?

The first thing that pops into my head is time. will we have time
to properly prepare for KC after Guardian? Janie or Keith should
correct me on this but I believe they are currently looking at holding
Guardian in late March or early April. There are a few good dates
left on the calender in May and June. Since most of the preparation
for KC is organizing people to hold classes this should leave plenty
of time for the rest of the populace to switch gears and focus on
the other details. My suggestions for KC (in order of chronology,
not preference)
May 29 - Weekend after Steppes Warlord
June 14 - 15th is Father's day
June 28 - Weekend before July 4th

Another concern is can we afford to host a third event?
Being a reoccuring kingdom event we would be able to request funds
from the kingdom to help cover expenses if necessary. The copy of
Kingdom Law online states:

Article V: Kingdom Events
Section 3 : Other Kingdom Events
4. Any branch hosting a Crown Tournament, Coronation, or reoccuring
Kingdom event my petition the Kingdom for financial support to aid in
preparation for the Event. A branch which hosts a Crown Tournament,
Coronation, or reoccuring Kingdom event will be asked to contribute
30% of that event's Net Profits to the Kingdom

Any other thoughts or ideas?

-Lord Seanán mac Tighearnáin
-seanan @ elfsea.net
-Dragonsfire Tor, Elfsea, ANSTEORRA!

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