[DFT] hosting king's college

Jane Sitton jane.sitton at radioshack.com
Thu Jul 18 06:10:10 PDT 2002

I second that.  Logan might be talked into teaching a blacksmithing class.


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Try and find a site that will allow fire ;-)

(From your friendly, neighborhood bead maker who wants
to teach a full day in 2003!)


--- Sue Delk <ladydds at centex.net> wrote:
> ...<snip>    If we can get Tarleton's
> permission to hold the
> event there, it would be perfect.  Pre-made
> classrooms!
>     Organizing classes is not too hard.  Many
> artisans are willing to teach,
> providing there is space.  It's good PR for them,
> too.  The hard part is
> making sure we have enough classrooms for the
> teachers and students and that
> classes don't conflict too badly.
>     Does anyone else have any pearls of wisdom?
> In service,
> Lady Genevieve del Gamba

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