[DFT] DFT A&S night

Lady Simone ui' Dunlaingh simone at elfsea.net
Thu Mar 21 08:35:30 PST 2002

Good morning everyone. I Just started Back to work yesterday after a long
medical leave and have to work today this is good. unfortunately I do not
get off work until 7pm.

This causes a small timing problem for A&S the college gives us the room at
6 pm.

Can someone get to the student development center at 6 to get the room I
will head down after work. If not we can cancel A&S for tonight. I am off
next Thursday so we will be on for A&S then.

A&S on April 4th will be at my house the college need the room that night

Thanks a bunch

Lady Simone Maurian ui' Dunlaingh
simone at elfsea.net
A&S Minister Dragonsfire Tor
House Falconrose

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