[DFT] yet another job bites the dust

Ctopher069@aol.com Ctopher069 at aol.com
Wed May 22 17:52:04 PDT 2002

       greetings to all.

       Walmart has saw fit to let me go on a bogus charge. so I am one of the
many                looking for a new job. ANy help would be grealt
appreciated. I hold a Associates degree in electronic  enginering
technology. The last two years i been at walmart  for the  plain and simple
fact i was tring to rebuild my work base. I was out  of  work for about 2
yrs. At walmat i work on the remodle crew then worked in produce for 16
months then was promoted to  depatment manager for forzen food.( all lil
history  back ground)

       the job searching
       Chris Fite
       Dragonsfire Tor

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