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Sun Aug 3 09:30:56 PDT 2003

Greetings to the list.

Yesterday I got to go to my first Steppes Artisan.  It was inspiring to 
behold.  The level and diversity of artistic skill was kind of intimidating for 
someone as rusty as I have become.  The displays that impressed me most an 
illumination display by Baroness Oriana, the blacksmithing display by a lord whose 
name I am not sure of so I won't butcher it here, an enamel on metal display 
(once again didn't catch the name), and of course our own Desiree's vinting 
display.  Also there were banners and "tapestries" (painted) decorating the hall 
that reminded me that we need to get to work on some such banners.  
Unfortunately for me and the talented artists and craftspeople that produced these works, 
this being my first Artisan I was too scatterbrained to remember to get 
names.  I need to remember to take a pad a pencil with me when I go to these 

Now on the important part.  

Vivat for our Lady Desiree Dupre for winning the embroidery competition at 

I my humble opinion Lady Desi's display was the most beautiful display there, 
as well as the most fun. This was the first time I was able to sample some of 
her work and as the rest of you know, it's great.  I loved the skippernod 
(please forgive spelling) wine.  I hope she continues making it.

The judges choice for Artisan was the lord whose name I dare not butcher who 
did the blacksmithing display.  Oh well at least if they didn't choose our 
members entry the did choose a blacksmith. ; )

Thanks out to Caristiona for the ride and to Desi, Keith and Sue for the 
company and the wine and snacks.  All in all a great event and I had a good time.

Thora Olafsdottir
A&S Minister, Canton of Dragon's Fire Tor
mka Kristi Conard-Fite
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