[DFT] DFT populace food update

Ms Pict dftfeast at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 11 08:06:37 PDT 2003

Here is an updated list of food for next Sunday at our populace meeting.

See you there.

Good day to you all.
(Posted for Lord Eoghan Mac Cinatha/Scotty Cason – Seneschal DFT)

Dragonsfire Tor populace has been moved to the third Sunday in August. 
8/17/03 at 3:00p.m. It will be at Grannies house.

If you need directions let me know.

Grannies birthday is 8/19/03 so we will be doing a potluck BBQ to thank her 
for allowing us to use her home.

I will be bringing cupcakes  instead of a cake for Grannie. If you would 
like bring something add it to the list with your name.

See you there,
Lady Janie of Dragonsfire Tor


Main course
Beerbraughts – Janie
Veggie-All Salad – Holly
sourkraut and a package of buns - Kristi

Condiments (mustard, mayo, tomatoes, bread, plates, utensils etc)
Potato salade - TJ
Ketchup, 1pkg of pita bread - Holly
Chips, paper plates, cups and plastic cutlery --- Thora and Ailgenan

Cupcakes - Janie

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