[DFT] Sioban's Questions

Don and Monica dmriney at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 11 12:50:37 PDT 2003

Siobhan pointed out that these are questions that the leaders of this barony
need to be able to answer.  Rosalia and I discussed them carefully and have
come up with these answers

1: How long have you had the ability to read minds and how sharp is your

I don't have ESP, never have.  I believe that I likely will inadvertently
upset some people by not realizing they wish to make a point about
something.  I am very good at asking questions.  I am not afraid to ask
blunt questions and get blunt answers in return.  I do not mind people
saying things to me that may be hurtful.  If they believe they have a
grievance, then they have my permission to air it directly to my face
without fear of retribution.  They can also be assured that I will listen,
even if I disagree with them.

2. How many spies have you employed and how many more do you plan to add?

I do not need spies.  I would need only to continue fostering the
environment of open communication that our Seneschal has begun.  I encourage
anyone if you have a problem with some one take it to him or her first.  If
you come to me complaining about some one else one of my first questions to
you will be "Have you discussed this with them?"

3. Have you buried your opinions yet?

I can agree to disagree.  There have been many people who have opposed my
opinion in the past.  Even though my belief is different, I will not try to
force them to believe the same.  We are all entitled to our own opinions.
If you want mine just ask me.  I do not desire to please all the people all
the time.  I desire to be a good leader and a friend.

4. Have you ordered your cloak of invisibility?

The position of Baron and Baroness is a full time job not just a title and
holding court.  Calls and discussions must be expected.  I do know the value
of taking a break.  I have learned how to take time for myself, how to take
a break without offending most people, and have learned that I can't please

Whoever ascends to this position will no longer be seen as populace members
but as icons of the Barony.  They will be emulated and copied.  As with any
roll model any fall from grace no matter how small will affect some one in
Elfsea.  We must be aware of these things and address our own shortcomings
before we can address the issues that face the Barony as a whole.  Should we
be chosen for this position, it is with the understanding that we have made
the commitment to be Lord and Lady Elfsea and we have taken on all the joys
and tears that come with that position as our own.

In service
Darius and Rosalia

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