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So that all may be informed.

> To all in Elfsea,
> I have to express some strong emotions and memories gathered over the years 
> since the tenure of Baron Arthur.
> First I must say that I have enjoyed the wonderful companionship with 
> everyone I have encountered at all events and the few meetings I have been able to 
> attend.
> Sometimes I have offended someone unintentionally and for that I apologize.
> In the past (before Elfsea), I worked many years without being able to take 
> a vacation so I made it up to Rose by going to a piece of heaven whenever I 
> could.
> Since the new B&B are to be selected at this time, I must say every B&B has 
> carved out an oasis of pleasure for us and also for all of Elsea.  The saying 
> “life is good in Elfsea” is no exaggeration.

> This time I have no opinion as to who will make good B&B’s, however, I know 
> those selected will do their best to fill the office and with the history 
> Elfsea has, I know the future will just as bright.


> One of your far-flung members forever,  
> Lord Artair Macmora

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