[DFT] Change within the realm

Armand Dragonetti dragonetti at generich.com
Mon May 5 08:18:12 PDT 2003

Greetings Elfsea!

Change has arrived in our fair lands, for Ansteorra's succession is now
assured. We extend our sincere congratulations to the kingdom's Heirs, His
Highness Prince Ulsted and Her Highness Princess Cateau. Change has arrived
closer to home as well. At the close of morning court, King Miguel & Queen
Conal momentarily donned Elfsea's baronial coronets and spoke to the
populace about our beloved barony. King Miguel expressed his confidence in
the people of Elfsea and set our gaze on a bright future. Their Majesties
then removed the baronial coronets and placed them in our hands announcing
our appointment as Vicar and Vicaress of Elfsea. Mantles of Rank and Estate
were placed about our neck and the beautiful baronial cloaks were placed
around our shoulders. Their Majesties then bid us, keep Their lands in
Elfsea, Loch Ruadh, Dragonsfire Tor and the College of Three Bridges safe
until another Baron & Baroness are ready to represent Them.

For our part, my lady and I are honored beyond words at the faith and
confidence Their Majesties have shown in us. We gave our oaths of fealty and
we promise all of Elfsea to carry out the Crown's wishes to the best of our
ability. Upon turning to leave court, our hearts were warmed at the show of
support that was evident in the faces that surrounded us. We both knew, in
that moment, that our burden would be light.

We want to thank everyone who was able to make the lengthy journey and to
assist us at this event. Those who setup and tore down the Blue & White
pavilion. To Lord Timothy & Lady Anezka for transporting the pavilion &
feastware. To HL Caelin & Lady Pyro for the lending of said feastware (pots
& pans) to the feastocrats. Lord Seamus for carrying, toting and general
trouble shooting. HL Brigit for "mantle wrangling". Baroness Dana for sun
protection and Lady Bice for feeding us some scrumptious strawberries &
mangos. And all of Loch Ruadh for the "taxes" of largess and a lovely box to
contain them. To Master Airaklee, HL Ceinwen, Lord Arodon and Lady Tangwystl
for their hospitality.

All of Elfsea can be proud of our representatives that fought in the list.
Lord Daire fought extremely well against Sir Balvin Thorfinnsson who later
faced Prince Ulsted in the final round. Lord Daire had many members of the
chivalry rush to speak on his behalf to the Crown prior to the start of the
list. Lord Tomas distinguished himself in the list as well, advancing to the
2nd round and comporting himself so well that the King awarded him the
King's Blade of Chivalry!

When we arrived home we found a Scroll bursting with reports from Elfsea's
officers. Thank you, to all the officer's who could make a contribution and
especially to Lord William, for an impressive, speedy effort, while holding
the reigns in the Chronicler's office. We hope to see many of you at
business meeting Monday evening at HL Caelin's & Lady Pyro and at Loch
Ruadh's populace meeting on Wednesday.

Nec Hostium Timete Nec Amicum Recusate
(Fear no enemy, deny no friend)

Armand & Ameline
Lord & Lady Elfsea

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