[DFT] Warlord Thanks

Armand Dragonetti dragonetti at generich.com
Tue May 27 10:26:21 PDT 2003

Greetings Elfsea,

Thanks are certainly due for numerous individuals for various services
rendered this past weekend at Warlord. Though we did not see it, we extend
an extra special "THANK YOU" to Master Airaklee Wolf and all those that
helped Lord Kylan with his nightmare. Your loss is substantial and most
unfortunate, but we are pleased that only "things" were lost.

We cannot possibly list all the names and contributions of everyone, but we
wish to list a few that we ourselves witnessed. We encourage you to make
your friends aware of those that we've missed and their contributions as

For help with the Setup of Big Blue on Friday:
Pyro, Caelin, Seamus, Genvieve, Rafael, Richard.

Lord Tomas & Lady Rixende for bringing out the new thrones. I know you've
said they are not quite finished, but they're looking great!
Master Richard for managing the coolers, ice chests and serving trays.
Mistress Xene and HE Llywellyn who provided rugs for the day at the baronial
HL Brigit for her work with visiting newcomers.
Lady Donnel for her work with the successful Youth Boffer tournament. (HL
Ameline did get some photos that will go online soon.)
HL Arabella & HL Fearghus for providing a place for the teens on site.
Dianne for water bearing and making me drink throughout the list.
Lady Genvieve for attending Duchess Isabella during the event.
Lord Ulrich for the archery activities on Saturday.

Dropping Big Blue during Saturday's weather threat:
Caelin, Philippe, Rixende, several Fraymen and perhaps others. The dark and
chaos have contributed to my memory loss. Thank you just the same.

Tear Down/Clean Up/Packing on Sunday morning:
Romanius & Deanna, Pyro, Caelin, Richard, Timo, Drake and
Jacques the Spinks for saving the archery butts & stands.

Big Blue Cleaning on Monday:
Caelin, Daniel, Siobhan, Romanius, Ceatta, Robin, Tomas, Rixende, Seamus,
Genvieve, Rosalia, William, Maria, Raimond, Llywellyn and Xene for arranging
the pizza!

Big blue is drying in Caelin's back yard, and a few people are still needed
to get it folded up and back into the shed. The plan is to be there around
6pm on Tuesday as long as the weather has allowed it to dry.

Thank you all and if your name should have been listed above, please forgive
us and let us know. If not, we hope to see you at the next event! :-)

In the service of Kingdom, Crown & Elfsea, we remain,
Armand & Ameline
Lord & Lady Elfsea

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