[DFT] Elfsea Defender XXV

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Tue Sep 30 14:36:57 PDT 2003


It is with great pleasure that I share the names of Elfsea's newest Titled

Our Chivalric Defender is: His Grace Duke Andreas Eisfalke (recent King of
the East)
Our Rapier Defender is: Lord Ingwe of Jorvik
Our Archery Defender is: Don Sebastian Eton Frobishire
Our Equestrian Defender is: HL Rolanda Rossner

Champions in the two kingdom tournaments were:
The King's Lancer is: Sir Gideon MacLeod
The Premier Ansteorran Middle Eastern Dance Champion is: HL Rhiannon NiBryan

Congratulations are extended to all of these worthy champions as they each
faced fierce competition within their respective lists!
Well done!
Being out of kingdom, yet mindful of his responsibilities, Duke Andreas
asked the man that faced him in the final round, Count Miguel Sebastian de
Oporto, to wear the Defender's Regalia and take up his responsibilities on
those occasions where His Grace is unable to do so. Count Miguel graciously
accepted. As a side note: Count Miguel and Master Robin of Gilwel each
fought in both Chivalric & Rapier lists. Count Miguel also rode in the
Equestrian championships. And if that wasn't enough, consider that Count
Miguel fought in the *final* round of both Chivalric & Rapier lists. Sir
Gideon fought in the Chivalric list as well as winning the King's Lancer
competition. All of these gentlemen were *truly* inspiring!

The following individuals each received well deserved awards:
Maria Cabeca de Vaca: Portcullis
Brigit Ni Sheachnasaigh: Portcullis
Caitrin ferch Rhys: Award of Arms
Tegwared MacAuley: Award of Arms
Cassandra Palfrey: Azure Keystone
William Palfrey: Sable Thistle for cooking
Timothy of Glastinbury: Sable Thistle for Heraldry
Anezka z Rozmitala: Sable Thistle for Scribal Arts
Allyson Tymmes: Comet for Three Bridges
Innes Dee: Sable Crane
Bice di Pietro: Sable Crane
Tomas Niallagain: Centurion of the Sable Star
Llywelyn Gruffydd: Centurion of the Sable Star
A Posthumous King's Archer was also granted.
Congratulations to one and all on your exceptional service and skill!

HE Armand Dragonetti
Baron of Elfsea

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> So who won?
> Sir Burke

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