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Tue Aug 24 15:14:39 PDT 2004

Greetings Ansteorra!

This weary soul (Armand) is still recovering from recent Pennsic exploits,
however, I must share an inspirational moment from that great war.

During the grueling woods battle, His Majesty Quintus Aurelius Dracontius
was predictably in the thick of it. Allied with Calontir, Ansteorra fought
for the Midrealm along with Drachenwald, Trimaris and others against the
dreaded East kingdom and her allies. Ansteorra and Calontir were directed to
shore up and hold the right flank throughout the woods battle. At the
midpoint of the battle, I was amazed by a glorious spectacle. Their
Majesties of Ansteorra, Calontir and Trimaris, all found themselves within a
few feet of each other. Each with little more than a single shieldman for
personal protection. However, these three kings were bold, and together,
first looking one to the other, and then to the battle scene, each saw an
irritable opportunity. The East's forces were confident, holding our forces
fast and at that moment, our casualties were high. As our line began to
thin, this triumphant trio made Their way to our enemy's left flank.
Suddenly the enemy line was thinner, and in an instant the tide had shifted.
These three, virtually alone, had rolled the line and made a dash into the
enemy possession. Invigorated, the three caught glimpse of the banner and
made a lightning rush. Simply astounding! The banner was in the hands of our
kings and was quickly whisked through the remnants of that enemy line and
into our backfield, safely in our care. In Their wake, our line was reformed
in advance of our previous position, easily by 30 or 40 yards; a tremendous
gain in mere moments. Such daring and prowess was inspiring indeed and our
line was soon reinforced by enthusiastic soldiers, who had just learned "how
it is done"!  It comes as no surprise that such as these would lead by
example. For those who could not witness these deeds directly know that even
though your King is well spoken, He is also a man of action and of valor,
who is decisive in battle and leads by example. We may all take comfort in
the knowledge that our King is the protector of Ansteorra. I am proud and
fortunate to serve within His lands.

So say I,
Armand Dragonetti
Baron of Elfsea

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From: "Ameline Dubois" <ameline at generich.com>

>    I thought some might like to know a little bird, or at least a very
> Armand told me of our Queen who with her grace and beauty was the picture
> Royalty. She out shined all others at war. I had to ask him at that point
> ,when he became so well spoken and was he infact going to pick up a rapier
> bade ; ) With a twinkle in his eye, he began to go into a long story about
> the King's leadership and prowess on the field ,and ...on the shield.
> Apparently HM Dracontius is quite the mud surfer, with the several men
> pulling a large Calontir shield HM Dracontius hung ten!  How I hope
> took a picture. In the Best of the Best tournament HM Draco came in 3rd .
> Duke Stephen Von something from the east won this year as well as last two
> years of the  tournaments HM Dracontius was the only non-Eastern fighter
> the semi-finals.
> Ameline DuBois
> Lady Elfsea

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