[DFT] Officers of the Tor

Rixende de Rouen rixende at gmail.com
Fri Dec 3 09:47:58 PST 2004

Greetings Unto the Officers of Dragonsfire Tor!

I'm sorry for the late notice, but I would like to have a short
meeting between myself, Their Excellencies and all of you tomorrow at
Yule Revel. We'd like it to be very informal, and just get a pulse of
how things are going in the Tor, and how the Barony can support you in
the coming year.

I will be taking classes from 1-4, but am available at any other time.
Guyon, do you know when would be a good time in the schedule to do

In Service,


Honorable Lady Rixende de Rouen, CIM, CSM
Seneschal, Barony of Elfsea, Ansteorra
Quidam audit valde, facit valde

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