[DFT] Member of Tor to represent Kingdom at War

Ameline Dubois ameline at generich.com
Sun Feb 1 17:16:36 PST 2004

Dragon's Fire Tor was well represented at Kingdom A&S this weekend by Lady
(Simone) Muirenn ingen, and Lady Gaye Lyn Burton. I was so happy to see DFT
working to the war effort. It warms my hart to see members of DFT at an
event, if you are at an event where I am please come by and talk to me.
Distance is hard to overcome some times,and I would be most grateful for the
chance to get to know more of you fine folk.

Baroness Ameline Dubois

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Great News.

Lady Gaye Lyn Burton entered a Oil Painting Portrait into Kingdom A&S this
weekend. She did extremely well and was chosen as one of the 25 artisans to
represent the Kingdom of Ansteorra at this years Gulf War.

Lady (Simone) Muirenn ingen Senáin uí Dúnlaing
2nd Rose of FalconRose Southern Keep, Ansteorra

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