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A compelling and inspiring story of generosity appeared in the Thursday  
edition of the San Diego Union-Tribune. It was a profile of Gidget  
Schultz, a woman who operates a program that provides books, Teddy  
bears, school supplies and festive "unbirthday parties" to kids who  
have been removed from abusive family situations and are temporarily  
residing in shelters and rescue centers. Schultz partners with local  
businesses, from Baskin-Robbins to Wal Mart, to provide food, toys and  
other comforts to these unfortunate children; she recently received a  
letter of commendation from First Lady Laura Bush.

Oh, did I mention that Gidget Schultz is 12 years old?

Gidget is a great example of a modern "knight in shining armor," and  
she reminds us all that generosity is far more than just a passive  
function of pity or sympathy - it's an active, dynamic quality that can  
improve lives and build a better community. Her story is a perfect  
example of the Code of Chivalry at work in the world today. You can  
read the entire article, written by Sherry Parmet, in yesterday's  
edition of the U-T online at

Or you can visit the website of Gidget's Way at


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The Code of Chivalry is always moving ahead at Chivalry Today! Come  
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