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Mark Davis the5 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 27 09:27:56 PST 2004

I'm not one to pass along anecdotal nonsense, but this
was semi-local nonsense.  And to think, this guy would
rather crawl into a tub of vipers than check out the
local entertainment.  I found this blurb on News of
The Weird, at www.uexpress.com if you care to look at

The article reads: 
In November, Jacky Bibby, 52, of Whiskey Flats, Texas
(near Fort Worth), first sat in a bathtub with 81 live
rattlesnakes and then extended his own Guinness Book
record by stuffing the tails of nine of them into his
mouth. Protocol required that he band the tails
together at the rattles and hold them in his mouth for
10 seconds while leaning forward. (The Associated
Press reported that Bibby's day job is "marketing" for
a drug treatment center.) (Also, in December, Brian
Moffitt of Winnipeg, Manitoba, extended his Guinness
Book record of 702 body piercings by inserting 900
surgical needles into his leg at the same time.)
[Associated Press, 11-19-03] [Reuters, 12-14-03]  

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