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News Briefs
from the Chivalry Today news desk

Several stories in the media in the past week will be of interest to
anyone who pursues the ideals of chivalry in the modern world. The
links to the stories are provided at the end of the summaries -
copy-and-paste them into the "address" bar of your browser (Netscape,
Safari or Internet Explorer) to read the full stories:

1) Mercy is one of the Seven Knightly Virtues - it encompasses ideals
like tolerance, compassion and grace. That seems simple enough, yet in
the "heat of the moment," it's easy to lose sight of the importance of
mercy. Tempers flare, things get out of hand and before you know it ...
This story in the San Diego Union-Tribune (about a tragic occurrence
that is all-too-common in today's world) serves as a reminder of how
important it is to forgive daily little trespasses and offenses, rather
than holding grudges and making a crusade out of "getting even":


2) Asking to pay more tax isn't a request you hear very often. We all
want to pay as little as possible, yet part of the chivalric sense of
justice is being willing to shoulder our "fair share" of the tax burden
- no more than we deserve, but no less either. We all benefit from the
services and programs (schools, libraries, government websites, safe
highways, reliable postal service, public sanitation, etc.) funded by
those taxes we're trying to avoid.
Here's a story from Forbes magazine about one of the world's richest
people — who stands to benefit the most from tax breaks and rebates -
reminding corporate America that profits and taxes should rise
together. No matter where you stand on the issue, the statements made
in this article are true to the knightly sense of justice:


3) If one of your family members had been killed in the Sept. 11
attacks, would you be bent on seeking vengeance? Or could you, like a
knight in shining armor, find it in your heart to help innocent people
who are struggling inside the country that took your loved one from you?
Here's a story from the audio magazine "Day To Day" that tells of a
father who is helping to relieve poverty and the oppression of women in
Afghanistan with the money he's receiving from the 9-11 Victim's
Compensation Fund - his daughter was killed aboard Flight 93. It's a
moving reminder that there really are still knights in shining armor in
the world:
(The story is the third link down, "Using Sept. 11 Funds to Aid
Afghans," and you'll need RealAudio Player to listen)


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