[DFT] Possible water solution

Keith Jefferson scubadoo74 at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 28 16:48:27 PST 2004

Hey guys I was at Tractor Supply here in town and saw a water tank that
holds 225 gallons of water for about $283.00. To see what I am talking about
go here

There are 3 tanks that TSC carries, a 125 gallon tank for $200.00. The above
mentioned, and a 325 gallon for about $350.00.

Here are some points that most people may have not looked at. The 125 gallon
tank full will weight about 1030 pounds. Most small truck can move that
around site. The 225 gallon tank full will weight about 1850 pounds it will
be pushing the bed weight of the 1/2 ton trucks. The 1/2  ton trucks can
hold about 1500 pounds with out making the front end very light. The 325
gallon tank will weight about 2580 pounds. That will take a 3/4 ton truck or
larger truck just to move when full.

Now to make moving the tank easier we could get a trailer to pull it. That
would be a totally different problem of its own, and I'm not going there in
this message.

Now "I" suggest that we get 2 225 gallon tanks for several reasons. Firstly,
each person on the site needs about 3-5 gallons of water per day
<chirurgeons say>. 100 people take @500 gallons of water. Secondly, the 125
gallon tank would need to be filled 4 times a day at least. The 225 gallon
tank may need to be filled only 2 times and it is easily moves. Thirdly, the
ease of cleaning. The 225 is not as bulky as the 325. I know that the 125
tank is a little smaller but I know I hate getting water 4 or more times a
day. I think the 225 gallon will cut that down a lot.

There is a way we can move any and all of the 3 tanks. We can make a metal 4
wheeled dolly to roll them on.

Now what are your comments??? Suggestions????? Ideas?????? I will be
bringing this up during the next pop meeting because I believe we need
something like this. Oh btw they make a 1500 gallon tank too <Snicker>
<12500 pounds total> I can pull this witha goose neck trailer..  hehe

In Service

Ld Guyon Dupre

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