[DFT] Possible water solution

ThoraOdottir@aol.com ThoraOdottir at aol.com
Sun Mar 28 15:03:45 PST 2004

In my opinion Guyon has a good idea.  I mentioned those tanks to Scotty last 
week when I saw the Tractor Supply ad in the mail.  I only mentioned the big 
one to him because I thought the small ones would be too small.  Guyon came up 
with some good solutions to the too small problem.

I also think these new tanks would be a good idea for us because we would not 
have to worry about the last thing hauled in them like we would have to if we 
bought used tanks.  

My question with using pickup trucks to carry the tanks instead of trailers 
is getting them out of the trucks once on site.  Otherwise we either would have 
to have someone haul other peoples stuff so that their trucks could be used 
as water trucks or wait until we have our camps set up before we send the 
pickups out after the tanks.  Then we have to drain the tanks before we can break 

Now those are not arguments against the tanks.  I just bring those up as 
potential hurdles we will need to jump if we don't get some sort of trailer or 
trailers for them.

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