[DFT] Good times at Bordermarch

Armand Dragonetti dragonetti at generich.com
Tue Nov 23 13:02:50 PST 2004

With Thanksgiving drawing near, I wanted to express my Thanks to everyone who helped make our excursion down to Bordermarch so memorable.

HL Medb, Lord Daire, Evan and Caitlin outdid themselves with a baronial camp kitchen that was truly awesome! These fine gentles sacraficed virtually 100% of their time to provide us fabulous food that rivaled anything I saw at the taverns onsight and was easily worth more than the cost. And they provided a fun atmosphere to escape into the dream. Your's was a fine example for the rest, that a little effort to conciously forgoe our mundane trappings can rekindle that spark we all found so exciting at our early events. I hope that more will choose to join us in the future, when and where they are able, in pursuit of the Dream.

Centurian Tomas and HL Rixende's generosity with their personal pavilion was indeed appreciated. When they learned that Big Blue was not making the trip due to decreased numbers, they graciously offered their own pavilion to those of us who had planned to share space in the baronial barracks. 

Lady Sabine, once again, helped secure prime real estate near the merchants and melee field. All of the gentles mentioned so far also helped with the setup and tear down, as did Ranolf, Dara (sp?) and their family, Mistress Stella, Lady Genna, Lord Seanan and Lady Simone.

There were many memorable moments for me at this event. My squire sister dancing at the hafla. Excellent fighting scenarios and awesome pickups with numerous knights of the realm. A "dance" with Sir Alexis during one of the open-field battles. The fabulous spread for our Saturday evening dining and the friends there smiling and laughing together. The three ladies who escorted me to the Hafla, to keep *me* out of trouble. Uh, huh. Needs more work ladies. Hint: Encouraging a Badon sandwich is not the way to keep me out of trouble. For those who are curious, HL Rixende, Lady Sabine or Lady Genna might enlighten you further.

You all have my sincere thanks and I am looking forward to our next opportunity, where my hope is that even more will be able to share in the fun.

Until then, I remain,
His Excellency Armand Dragonetti
Baron of Elfsea
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