[DFT] Yule Revel Pot Luck Dinner

ThoraOdottir@aol.com ThoraOdottir at aol.com
Wed Nov 24 10:49:25 PST 2004

Today is 11-24-2004
Here is the list of contributions to date.

2 loaves French Bread....Domhnall
Honey Carrots and a dessert...Padraig and Amber
Bakalava.....Thora and Ailgenan

We have 11 days until Yule Revel.... Let's get cooking!

Yes we have access to the electrical outlets. If you have a power strip or 
two or extention cords you could bring please do so that all that need 
electricity will have access.

Thanks ya'll!

In Fidelis Muneris
Thora Olafsdottir
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