[DFT] DFTYR Pot Luck List 11/26

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Sat Nov 27 18:29:13 PST 2004

Today is 11-27-2004
Here is the list of contributions to date.

2 loaves French Bread....Domhnall
Honey Carrots and a dessert...Padraig and Amber
Baklava.....Thora and Ailgenan
Shortbread.....Lady Grainne and Greywolf
14# Smoked Bird..Lady Eithne
2 onion pies- from Lady Cristant of Clan McAlpin
Glazed carrots- from Raven of Clan McAlpin
Large green salad (serves about 15-20 hungry people) from Lady Elizabeth 
Dabernoune of 
Potatoes Au Gratin- from Maeve Dabernoune of Falconrose
Stewed apples- Teresa G.
Deviled eggs...Lady Innes
Pork roast and some trimmings....Lady Elizabeth of Pendarvis
Green Bean Casserole....Lady Bice
Green Bean Casserole...Lady Nora
Green Bean Casserole...Elspeth
Acorn Squash...Elspeth
Baked apple crisp...Kat and Cathal
Cut veggies....Kat and Cathal
Corn pudding...Lady Rowan

We have 8 days until Yule Revel.... Let's get cooking!

Yes, we have access to the electrical outlets. If you have a power strip or 
two or extension cords you could bring please do so that all that need 
electricity will have access.

Thanks ya'll!

In Fidelis Muneris
Thora Olafsdottir
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