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> Greetings unto the people of the Kingdom of Ansteorra from Kareina Talvi
> Tytär, second Viscountess of Oertha, currently residing in the Kingdom
> of An Tir, 
> My Lords and Ladies,  in an earlier posting to this list, I sent a
> missive to acquaint you with a new SCA-related resource,
> http://scabusiness.com/, which was then still under construction.  It is
> with great delight that I now announce that the construction is complete
> and the resource is ready to use.  It has been created on behalf of
> those of us who, no matter how active in the Society we may be, don't
> necessarily know what modern-world skills our friends within in the
> Society have.  This information is vital if one desires to give one's
> custom first and foremost to others within the Society  rather than
> calling upon a random individual from the modern world.   This resource
> has been designed to be a comprehensive listing for all manner of
> diverse skills, whether one needs one's roof repaired, requires
> assistance compiling one's taxes, or needs a new hair  dresser.   It is
> also designed to be a listing of SCA folk who have period skills for
> hire, such as armorer, potter, or weaver.  Now that this resource is
> fully functional it is searchable by location, type of skill, name of an
> individual, or that of their business, or even by a keyword from within
> the description of their business.  It is set up to allow customer
> feedback about the businesses, both praise and cautions based upon
> dealings with the businesses. 
> In order that this listing be as complete as possible I have been
> charged by its creator, Sir Colin MacLear, to spread the word that
> people within our Society may know of it and may seek to add their names
> to the electronic scroll.  We invite both businesses owned by SCA folk,
> and SCA  people who have skills they are willing to hire (or barter) to
> add their names and skills to the database.   We encourage SCA people to
> look first to this source when they have a task they wish to hire
> another to accomplish on their behalf.   While there is a modest fee
> associated with adding one's name and/or business to the web page to
> cover things like the costs associated with its development and
> maintenance, there are no fees for accessing the database in search of
> someone with the skills you require.  We grant permission to post this
> missive onto other lists, that the word be further spread.  I thank you
> for your attention to my words and draw them to a close now that your
> normal list discussion may resume. 
> In Service to the Society, 
> --Kareina 
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