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Huzzad. We shall have wings.


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>Subject: [DFT] Re: [Loch-Ruadh] re: DFT Yule food update 11/30/05
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>The more I thought about it, the more it seemed to me that stewed apples 
>and baked apples are just too similar.  I will be bringing Buffalo Wings 
>Ms Pict said
>Here it is.
>Remember there is no oven, no refrigeration no stove.
>We will start setting up for dinner around 5:30 and dinner around 6ish. You
>know how SCA time changes.
>If you have an extra surge suppressor please bring it so all can plug in
>crock pots that need to.
>Yule feast (potluck)
>Meatballs 5lbs    Catrin and Teqwared
>Lasagna     Simone (ingredients available for those with food allergies)
>Chicken breasts coated with lime juice and salt and stuffed with
>mushrooms, garlic, and onions            Caelin
>Venison pie             Genevieve
>Ham Jim
>Bread and Butter Aingeal and Caerell
>Beef and Barley soup Lady Elizabeth Dabernoune
>Bread and hamburger stew Terrence
>Side dishes
>Egg rolls Kaz
>Deviled eggs Innes
>tortilla roll Alric and Fiona
>two vegetable dishes Medb and Daire
>Green beans and potatoes Gaye lynne
>veggie plate or dip Polydore
>Pasta salad      Cat and family
>Three Bean Salad Crandall
>Green salad with various dressings (ranch, French, Italian and a
>oil/vinegar) Magdalia/Pook
>Jelled salad       Bicé
>Bread pudding Janie
>Cheese cake Janie
>Dessert, not sure exactly what yet. Dana Mac an Ghabhann
>Stewed apples Padraig
>baked apples Wolfie
>Desserts Tom, Floria, Angela and Rose
>chocolate zucchini cake Ottavia Isabella Perugino
>See you there,
>Dragonsfire Tor
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