[DFT] A Poem for Tor Yule

Don Riney dmriney at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 4 11:22:02 PST 2005


The dragon's fire, both hot and bright 

Now lights the beacon on the hill

It guides the traveler through the night

It breaks the icy winters chill


Now gather there beneath the mount

Lords and ladies of great renown

The joyous times they now recount

They raise a draught up to the crown


The season's best is brought to bear

The artist's hands have wonders wrought

One craftsman called to guard the lair

A call of honor dearly sought


The solstice comes now far to soon 

When each of us shall seek our hearth

But now we with our friends' commune

With warming words and open hearts


Now come we all with warmth to share

A golden day from tales of yore

To warm our souls thru winters tear

Now come we all unto the Tor

Bard of the Tor
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