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Mon Dec 12 19:02:10 PST 2005

Awww... you guys keep forgetting the dried mutton and lefsa!
And the Moose Drool!
Polydore - er, no, that was my evil twin brother Uddgar!

dragonetti wrote:

> Greetings,
> Did we mention how much we enjoyed Yule Revel?
> We *really* had a good time. Although we did miss the "herring and 
> eggnog" party Friday evening, (shudder), we were told it was ...... 
> er, entertaining. Eoghan, Polydore, eggnog & herring & ??? 
> ......(closed eyed shudder)
> Maybe next year .......... Nay.
> The hall was decorated wonderfully, the food was fabulous, and 
> visiting with friends in a relaxed setting was delightful. Several 
> people helped to make the event quite a success. And to the autocrats, 
> Lady Rhaonnana and Lord Eoghan and all of their staff: Well done and 
> *Vivat!*
> Also, Master Darius did a superb job with the raffle, raising quite a 
> sum. The Artisan competition was fierce. I mean, fierce. In the end it 
> was Lady Aurelia who emerged as the new Arts & Science Champion for 
> Dragonsfire Tor. Congratulations to all the participants, you made the 
> judges job most difficult. At evening court, we continued our practice 
> of extending various rights to members of the populace who's efforts 
> have enriched us all during the past year. The crown also recognized 
> the following individuals:
> Lord Charles (von) Mayer - Award of Arms
> Lady Delores of Elfsea - Award of Arms
> Lady Giliana Launceleyn - Award of Arms
> Lord Jock McKinnon - Award of Arms
> Lady Tereysa di Sorrano - Award of Arms
> Lady Hanna von Dahl - Sable Thistle (Weaving)
> Lady Aislyn of Glenwryd Fen - Azure Keystone of Elfsea
> Lady Jocelyn de Viverais - Azure Keystone of Elfsea
> Thank you all for a wonderful start to the Yule season. Be safe and 
> have fun through the holidays and we look forward to sharing with you 
> in a prosperous New Year!
> In the service of Their Majesties, we remain,
> Armand & Ameline
> Lord & Lady Dragonsfire Tor
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