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Just my two cents. I have embedded answers within the text.


I like Broken O because it is primitive. Yes port-a-johns are not as 
comfortable as a flushing toilet. However this is camping. Showers are 
always a good thing. You could set one up if the Baron is willing to share 
his portable shower and use river water.

I have a couple of questions for the populace regarding Guardian this  year.
>I have a tentative date with the Broken "O" this year awaiting  approval.
>Before I finalized this I wanted to get the opinion of the  populace.
>Do we want to go with the Broken "O" period or shall we compare prices with
>other sites that already have amenities such as water and bathrooms and a
>mowed  site?

It is always good to compare prices.
>Considerations are the cost of bringing in water,

The event last year was supported by less than 5 gallons of water for the 
field. That was only about $5.00.
Patrons brought their own.

cost of extra  porta-johns,

You could cut down to 3 port-a-johns. 1 handicap and 2 regular and be ok. 
That cuts the cost.

>and cost of rental of a brush hog mower

prices are really high to try and rent one of these.

(unless we have access to  one again
>this year) or cost of having it mowed. Cheree says she could mow  it on her
>riding mower but it isn't running right now.

Perhaps one of our guys could fix it for her.

You might check with Michael. He might be willing to bring his tractor out 
again for the price of gas.
>I drove around some yesterday looking at potential sites.
>I found a place in Garner called West End RV Park that says they are 
>to work with us for $450, but the place is pretty trashed out in the  
>areas. He says he could have it cleaned up by April but I would be much  
>sold on a clean site than the promise of a clean site. On the other hand  
>have bathrooms, showers, electrical hookups and a nice, long, flat field
>that would be really good for pavilions and list fields.

I wouldn’t count on the clean up being done in time.
>Looked at Tres Rios.  Looked like it may be a little pricey for us and  
>would be a lot of mundanes but they have all the amenities the site is  
>kept and it sounded like they would be willing to work with us.

Tres Rios is very, very expensive.

  PS  next Yule
>autocrat might want to check out the renovated Palaces  1,2,&3.  They each
>have a little kitchenette with stove, fridge, sink  and microwave.  They 
>can be
>rented individually or all together (they are  separated by curtain
>partitions) which would give a feastocrat three  kitchens to work with.
>Drove out to Keller's Campground in Mineral Wells.  The sign said they  
>closed so I decided to check some other spots and call for an appointment  
>ya'll think it would be a good idea.  I did notice that it seemed the
>neighbors were right on top of the campground though.
>Willow Lake Gardens, where Springfare is going to be would cost $900 for  
>weekend but we would not be able to get the area that Springfare is going 
>be using.  It would have to be the Barn site that is not scheduled to be
>completed until May I believe.

Unless they have added to this place there was the strange 2-seater restroom 
for the ladies. I don’t know about the mens. Then they rented 3 extra 
port-a-potties. And no showers. Plus the ground was a mine field for 
breaking ankles where we camped. Nice hall though.

>Camp and Fish wouldn't do a group rate.

We have done an individual rate before. It is workable if you do not have to 
put your site fee too high.
>Went to Buck's onthe Brazos.  Spoke with JR (appears to be a caretaker
>maybe) He said I would need to speak with the boss Scott for a group rate 
>reservations.  JR sounded really interested in the SCA though.  I told  him 
>forge night and drew him a map. He may show up.
>Please ya'll give me some feed back on this as soon as you can and if you
>can think of some other places for me to check out let me know.
>Thanks ya'll.  I'll keep you posted.
>In Fidelis  Muneris
>Thora Olafsdottir
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