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I agree, the price is very high.


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>This is the response I have recieved from Scott Chaffin at Buck's on the
>Brazos.  My most humble opinion is this rate is cost prohibitive...Feedback
>In Fidelis  Muneris
>Thora Olafsdottir
> >>>
>Your event would require exclusive use of  the campground, and my price for
>that is $1000 minimum.  That covers up to  100 people at $10 per person.
>Additional guests over 100 would be $10 per  person.  I need $500 up front 
>reserve your weekend.  That $500  would be refundable up to 30 days before 
>event.  We can work out  collection of the remainder and how people check 
>Let me know what dates you're interested  in.  We open in March.  I have
>large group events already scheduled  for April & May, and Luxury Camping
>reservations in those months as  well.  I need to know your target dates so 
>I can work
>around  them.
>Scott Chaffin
>Buck's on the Brazos
>254-898-BUCK (ranch)
>_www.buckbrazos.com_ (http://www.buckbrazos.com/)
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>Subject: large group  event
>Hi, my name is Kristi Conard -Fite and I am looking into sites for a  
>event for the Society for Creative Anachronism, a Middle  Ages reinactment
>group.  I don't have the exact dates at this time  but was wondering what 
>price range is for a group somewhere around  100 to 150 people for an 
>weekend starting on Friday afternoon through  Sunday afternoon.
>If you have a list of weekend you are available that would be  appreciated.
>You can contact me by calling 817-573-2859....I am OUT on Tuesdays  and
>Thursdays.  Or you can contact me at this email address.
>Thank you for your time.
>Kristi Conard-Fite
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