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Fri Jan 14 10:40:55 PST 2005

I know there is a few who knew him so i thought i would post this to   all 
the lists 
For those of you who knew Don Elliot known in the Outlands as Johan,  I  
sad tidings of his departure of this world.  Two Days ago  while  driving his 
semi for work he fell asleep at the wheel and  crashed.  We just  found out 
today.  The services in this  area have already been held and the  family is 
their way back to the  Outlands for services  in Lovington.  I don't know 
folks in  the Outlands may  have been notified.  Cat is understandably upset  
enough  that we (her neighbors) weren't notified until this  morning.  Could  
someone please forward the news to someone on the  Outlands lists.  

Thank You.   

in  service
Ailgenan mac Aeda meic Canann
Chris Fite
Dragonsfire  Tor

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