[DFT] joint fighter practice Steppes and ElfSea

Michael Smith morganbuchanan at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 4 06:03:14 PST 2005

Greeings to the Tor!  I'd like to invite you to attend  the Steppes and
ElfSea joint practice is this weekend.  His Highness Mahdi, Baron of the
Steppes intends on returning from the creation of a new kingdom to attend
this practice, and will be holding a buckler tourney in addition to
everything else that's going on.  I understand that we may have some
fighters from out-of-region attending as well.  So every able bodied fighter
should attend if possible!  I look forward to seeing you all there at 2 p.m.
at Mary Heads Carter Park in Carrollton.  See the Steppes webpage if you
need a map and directions, or feel free to contact me.

If you have anyone in need of authorization, I can do it there as well, as
long as they're familiar with the marshal's handbook.

Centurion Morgan Buchanan
Central Regional Knight Marshal

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