[DFT] Loom for sale

Chris Harper bice.pietro at charter.net
Fri Nov 11 12:41:32 PST 2005


I have been asked by Mistress Reginlief Ragnarsdottir, to let all know that 
she is going to sell her floor loom on E bay if no one in the SCA is 
interested.  It is a Leclerc, 4 harness floor loom, approx. 48" in 
width.  It includes bobbins and shuttles, but she has only one 
reed.  Asking price is $500.00 and she ask that you contact her by Tuesday 
evening; otherwise she will list it on E bay.  You may contact her to make 
arrangements and to pick it up at:
home 817- 731-4670 or cell 817- 692-8847.

Thank you,


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