[DFT] Fw: Party, October 29th

Steve K. Rourke steverourke at charter.net
Mon Oct 10 13:05:30 PDT 2005

Forwarded by request withy a minor addition

Just a friendly reminder...

Everyone is invited.
Garb friendly - come on, you have been waiting all year to wear that spiffy
Big firepit going, with cooking pit on the side
Grill going
Pot luck
Halloween theme
General all around good time for all.

The general idea here is that we will decorate the house for the kids in
more traditional halloween style and then have the "adult" party down the
hill around the fire.  Camping is encouraged down there as well if you want
or you can camp up closer to the house.

We are going to have some traditional fun for the kids:  bobbing for apples,
dipping carmel apples, eating popcorn balls and making smores in the
fireplace or having an indoor hot dog roast.  I am sure that I can find some
other fun stuff to do.

Outdoors will be for the grownups.  Potluck dinner, BYoB, a fire crackling
and I am sure we can find a few bards to tell us a few stories.  If not,
then the adults are going to go bobbing for apples and then we will have
some stories to tell.

We can also have two party areas if anyone wants to bring out drums and get
some dancers out.


7333 Hutchison Hill Rd
Springtown TX  76082

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