[DFT] RE: [Ansteorra-announce] Elfsea Defender CANCELLATION

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Wed Sep 21 10:39:48 PDT 2005

Greetings Ansteorra,

Many in Elfsea have been hard at work preparing for our annual baronial
event. And we thank you one and all for the sacrifices and efforts given up
to this point. However, word now comes from our scouts of something wicked.
That dread beast, Rita, akin to the monster Katrina, does threaten our
borders. We applaud the many souls who are prepared to stand in defense of
Elfsea and, in fact, claim the title of Elfsea Defender. However, prudence
dictates that we show a modicum of respect and give ear to Rita's arguments.
Therefore, our populace shall be rallied and our champions determined at a
later date, once lady Rita's case has been made. If her claims prove false,
know that we shall swiftly smite our scout, NOAA. Should they prove true, we
will pay homage and laud the efforts of good NOAA for warning the populace.
Fear not, Ansteorra, for lady Rita is likely so much wind. Lord knows we
have dealt with many such blow hards. This too, shall pass.

Until then, we shall send Jarl Timo, our current chivalric defender into the
eye of the storm and pray for his safe deliverance.

.......or not. Stay alert for the rescheduling of Elfsea Defender!

In the service of kingdom, crown and barony we remain
Armand and Ameline
Baron & Baroness of Elfsea 

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> Greetings unto the Noble Kingdom of Ansteorra from Honorable 
> Lady Rixende de Rouen, Seneschal of the Barony of Elfsea.
>  It is with heavy heart, but growing concern for the health 
> and welfare of the populace of our fair lands, and those who 
> intended on visiting us this weekend, that Elfsea Defender is 
> cancelled. We will look at rescheduling this event in the future.
>  After reviewing the National Weather Service predictions for 
> Hurricane Rita, it appears that there will still be the 
> potential for Category 1 level winds to hit the site in 
> Canton. Their Excellencies, the autocrats, and I have 
> determine that we do not want to risk the chance of flooding 
> and wind damage to those who would camp at the site.
>  We have also learned that the site will be in use as a 
> Hurricane evacuee location, and as such we feel that those 
> efforts are far more important than continuing with our event 
> as planned.
>  Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free 
> to contact myself or Their Excellencies at our contact 
> numbers in the Black Star.
>  In Service,
>  Rixende de Rouen
> --
> Honorable Lady Rixende de Rouen, CIM, CSM Seneschal, Barony 
> of Elfsea, Ansteorra Quidam audit valde, facit valde 

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