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Vivat to Jessica of Dragonsfire Tor. A job well done.


>From: "Lady Isobail inghean Gilla Chriosd" <isobail at ev1.net>
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>Subject: [Ansteorra-announce] Vivat to these Exchequers.....
>Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2006 18:50:59 -0600
>Greetings Ansteorra---
>I am very proud to announce that these groups have submitted their 2005 End
>of Year Reports on time to their Regionals.
>Northern Region:
>Shire of Brad Leah
>Province of Mooneschadowe
>Barony of Northkeep
>Barony of Wiesenfeuer
>Western Region:
>Shire of Adlesruhe
>Incipient Shire of Amloch
>Shire of Blacklake
>Shire of Crossroade Keep
>Shire of Mendersham
>Shire of Trelac
>Coastal Region:
>Shire of Gate's Edge
>Canton of Westgate
>Shire of Greywood
>Shire of Stonebridge Keep
>Shire of Seawinds
>Central Region:
>Canton of Dragonsfire Tor
>Barony of Elfsea
>Shire of Emerald Keep
>Canton of Glaslyn
>Canton of Lindenwood
>Shire of Dun Loch Ruadh
>Shire of Rosenfeld
>Barony of Steeeps
>Southern Region:
>Barony of Raven's Fort
>Shire of Tir Medion
>Shire of Ffynnon Gath
>Shire of Middleford
>Kingdom Level Accounts:
>Kingdom of Ansteorra
>The Blackstar
>Ansteorran Longship Company
>If you are a member of any of these groups please take a moment and thank
>your Exchequer for his/her dedication to your group.  Their time and
>dedication is what keeps your group able to operate financially.
>Again... Vivat to these treasurers for meeting one of the most important
>financial deadlines of the year.
>In Service I Remain....
>Lady Isobail inghean Gilla Chriosd
>Chancellor of the Exchequer--Ansteorra
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