[DFT] Fighter Practice

Lord Arias Yanes coltjanes at charter.net
Sun Feb 19 07:57:10 PST 2006

Greetings good lords and lady's.  It would appear that the winter of our discontent hath arrived.  I know this because Sir J. Frost had laid a sheet of ice on my front porch and as I stepped out of my doorway I was reaquainted with gravity and became aware of winters painful discontent.

Therefore I am calling today's Fighter Practice off due to the seriousness of nature and most definately the potential hazardous driving conditions.  So please stay home,  stay warm and safe and do something medeival indoors, like repad that helm, fix those legging straps and write a new bardic piece for the next compition.


Lord Arias Yanes "De la Villa Lobo"
Elfsea Knight Marshall

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