[DFT] July Heraldic Commentary

Luciana Caterina di Boniface dolce.luce at gmail.com
Tue Jul 18 07:54:02 PDT 2006

Location - Caelin and Pyro's
Time: 7pm


We will be having July's Commentary at Caelin's and Pyro's on July 19th,
starting at 7pm. Please email me offlist at dolce.luce at gmail.com and let me
know if you are coming. Also, if you are interested in coming, but Wednesday
night is a bad night for you, please let me know, along with the day and
time that would be good for you. I am thinking very seriously about breaking
the commentary up into two separate days, but I need feedback from people
before doing so.

Just as an FYI, there are quite a few submissions from Elfsea that will be
commented on this month. There were 12 submissions in June's ILoI, there are
just as many in July's

This is a lot of fun, and I learned a LOT at the last commentary. I am
looking forward to seeing you there!

In Service,


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love them

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