[DFT] OT-- Joke for your Wednesday

Sue Delk ladydds at verizon.net
Wed Mar 22 07:04:49 PST 2006

A man went to see his dentist when he noticed that he felt something "different" in his mouth.  The dentist examined the man and said, "It looks like that upper plate I made you six months ago is eroding away.  What have you been eating?"  The man replied, "Well, Doc, about four months ago my wife made some asparagus with this wonderful sauce on it.  She said it was called hollandaise sauce.  I liked it so much I put it on almost everything now."  The dentist said, "Well, that's the problem.  Hollandaise sauce is made with lemon juice and is very acidic.  I bet that's what is eroding the plate away.  How about this--let's remake the plate, this time, in chrome."  "Chrome?!  Why chrome?" said the patient.

Wait for it....

"Because there's no plate like chrome for the hollandaise!"

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