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Oh my


On 3/22/06, Sue Delk <ladydds at verizon.net> wrote:
>  A man went to see his dentist when he noticed that he felt something
> "different" in his mouth.  The dentist examined the man and said, "It looks
> like that upper plate I made you six months ago is eroding away.  What have
> you been eating?"  The man replied, "Well, Doc, about four months ago my
> wife made some asparagus with this wonderful sauce on it.  She said it was
> called hollandaise sauce.  I liked it so much I put it on almost everything
> now."  The dentist said, "Well, that's the problem.  Hollandaise sauce is
> made with lemon juice and is very acidic.  I bet that's what is eroding the
> plate away.  How about this--let's remake the plate, this time, in chrome."
> "Chrome?!  Why *chrome*?" said the patient.
> Wait for it....
> "Because there's no plate like chrome for the hollandaise!"
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