[DFT] [Elfsea] Dft champions?

Dragonetti dragonetti at generich.com
Sun Apr 29 19:44:33 PDT 2007

Guardian of the Tor event was a resounding success! There were many heated
competitions and exceptional entertainment. The bards were fantastic. The
water bearers were life-savers. The children had many opportunities to
contribute and participate, and they did. All of the list-mistresses/masters
and marshals endured along with the fighter's and onlookers they served. The
autocrats (Lady Elspeth and Lord Ravenger) and their staff delivered a
wonderful event and have our supreme thanks!
Lord Ravenger Wulvkin also received a Sable Comet in court for his service
to Dragonsfire Tor. Considerable revenue was generated by the stocks. Master
Caelin took, printed and contributed many exceptional photos, whose proceeds
where donated to the Tor. And Tom the Peddler, merchant of FalconRose
donated many valuable items for an absolute auction that was lively. Vivat
to all the supporters of Dragonsfire Tor! 
Dragonsfire Tor's new seneschal, Lady Janie of the Tor, was announced and
Lord Guy (sp?) , DFT's herald, did a superb job heralding his first court!
We express our gratitude to Lord Thomas (outgoing seneschal) and Lord Angus
(outgoing Rapier marshal) for their quality service. 
In the competitions, victors emerged as:
Dragonsfire Tor Bard: Master Darius of the Bells
Archery Guardian: Lady Aislyn of Glenwyrd Fen 
Rapier Guardian: Don Ingve of York
Chivalric Guardian: Master Airaklee Wolf
For me personally, my day began very poorly, before I arrived on site. But
the event or more precisely, the good gentles who attending, helped me leave
it all behind and have a very good time in the end.
Lochlan, we missed you and your lady's presence but understand you had a
reasonable excuse. :-)  Looking forward to seeing him!
Baron Armand Dragonetti
Lord Dragonsfire Tor

Who are the DFT champions?

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