[DFT] Chivalric and Rapier Tourneys at Lughnasad

Pádraig Ruad Ó Maolagáin padraig_ruad at irishbard.org
Fri Aug 3 08:20:34 PDT 2007

In a summer fighting slump?  Come to Loch Ruadh's Lughnasad, 10-12 August
at First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX, and join in the fun!

Click here http://www.lochruadh.org/lughnasad/ for the event website.

Chivalric timed "challenge"  Tourney

Chivalric timed "challenge" Tourney The format is simple. Anyone may
challenge anyone on the field. The loser of the match then becomes a
"captive/retainer" of the victor. The winner of the match then takes his
captive retainer to the list mistress where his/her point value is added
to the captor's score. However, all is not as easy as it seems. On the way
to the List Mistress's pavilion, the victor of the fight may be challenged
by yet another fighter. Should the challenger prove victorious, the
challenge and any of his captive retainers become captives/retainers of
the winner. Think not that this will be simple. For if you challenge
someone with three retainers, then you will have to fight all of them, for
the captive retainers must (may - if agreed upon between challenger and
challenge) fight for their "lord." Once the points have been tallied by
the List Mistress - the captive's are released and may return to the field
as Free Fighters again.

Rapier Tourney

The format of the Tourney:
Each fighter must fighter every other fighter in the Tourney.

Points are awarded as follows:
Dons = 3 points
Cadets = 2 points
Non-Scarves = 1 points

Whoever has accumulated the most points after fighting all the other
fighters is the winner. Weapons style for each round will be controlled by
the roll of two die rolled before the round starts.

Weapon Die
1 = Sword
2 = Dagger
3 = Sword
4 = Dagger

Off-hand Die
1 = Empty hand
2 = Buckler
3 = Cloak
4 = Case of (Weapons Die)

Double kills will be refought once, if you double kill again you both die
(Unless of course you wish to decide the winner by playing

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