[DFT] [Ansteorra] The Time is Now at Hand

Dragonetti dragonetti at generich.com
Wed Aug 22 11:10:34 PDT 2007

Unto Their Majesties, King Ulsted the Unsteady and Queen Ebergardis von
Zell, warmest greetings from your humble servant, Armand Dragonetti, by your
grace, Baron of Elfsea and Lord Dragonsfire Tor!

My dear cousin, the Baron of Bonwicke, has spoken truthfully. 

I have indeed remained close at home, among the friends and populace of
Elfsea, celebrating a bountiful harvest and secure in our fortifications.
While His Excellency of Bonwicke continues his travels and leaves his barony
in a state of unease. I offer thanks to my good cousin for proving my point.
He is indeed honorable to speak so forthright. Tis true our harvests have
been bountiful and our children well fed, I am yet dismayed that he ascribes
the deadly sin of gluttony to myself and our gentlefolk. Perhaps his agents
misrepresent? Generosity, wise King and fair Queen, not gluttony. We wish to
extend this generosity to His Excellency Kainin and the Western Region.

As another example of generosity, and in the interest of good relations, I
shall not point out his slanderous language to the chivalry of the Central
region, with his claims of undeserved or unearned security. His mettle shall
be tested quite well enough without inciting their full wrath. I pray that I
can convince them of the folly of his words, spoken from emotion rather than

And not wanting to draw too much attention to His Excellency's youthful
analysis, please ask yourself, Ansteorrans, if Gothic War reveals that the
West is indeed lacking in readiness, in whom should the Crown entrust the
kingdom's "Crown Lands"? It is not arrogance or presumption. I do not lay
claim to lands that are not mine to promise, but rather express confidence
in the wisdom and franchise of our most saged Sovereign.

Now unto Ansteorrans, as if succulent brisket, cobbler and abundant beer and
ale were not enough to entice you to fight for my cause, (and so shall it be
provided to those who do), I shall provide you further encouragement, as
Lord Bonwicke doth offer supposed words from Ansteorrans to undermine the
justice of our cause, let me share a few words that MY agents have

"Just for my personal peace of mind if you are planning to go to Gothic Wars
in two weeks in Ansteorra
(http://www.bonwicke.org/Gothic/default.htm) could you please reply off list
to candrade at gmail.com so that we have an accurate count of who is going?
It would be nice if all of the Citadel was camping
together and to know who to look for when you get on site. Jerusha and I
plan to leave early on Friday 31st (the drive is over 400 miles with a time
zone change) so plan accordingly"

Is this not evidence that Lord Bonwicke has seen fit to solicit assistance
from OUTSIDE Ansteorra to fight his battle? To bring in foreigners to fight
against Ansteorrans? Is this his idea of protecting Ansteorra's western
border? In addition, his own man, Lord Jaspar Codrington, was planted in the
midst of Elfsea to subvert us from within and has yet eluded my baronial
guard. Even now is he rumored to prepare to serve as General of the Western
forces. One who resides (or did) in Elfsea!!!

NOBLE DONS/DONAS to answer my CALL TO ARMS! Send word of how many of your
squires and cadets shall join *you* at Gothic War to fight at my side. I
CALL UPON EVERY LAUREL! Will you not journey to Gothic? How many of your
apprentices can you bring? I CALL UPON EVERY PELICAN, your service and that
of your protégés are severely needed. It has been said that Ye shall know
the tree by it's fruits. Pray, let *YOURS* be known by the side you shall


In the service of kingdom, crown and barony, I remain,
Armand Dragonetti
Baron of Elfsea
Lord Dragonsfire Tor

> From: HE Kainin Tepesa
> Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2007 5:08 PM
> To: Kingdom of Ansteorra - SCA, Inc.
> Cc: western at lists.ansteorra.org
> Subject: [Ansteorra] The Time is Now at Hand
> Greetings unto my good kinsman of the greatest Kingdom
> in the Known World,
> The time draws short for when I must march to the vale
> of Sweet water and face the army of my own cousin
> Armand Dragonetti, Bloody Baron of Elfsea and I
> beseech all of you to search your hearts and join with
> the cause that is truly just. 
> My good cousin claims that he is simply concerned for
> the safety of the western border and only wishes to
> test the strength and preparedness of the West. He
> claims that my duties as the chronicler to the Crown
> is an interference with my governance of the lands
> entrusted to me. He claims that my mind is not on the
> security of mighty Ansteorra. Yet while he makes all
> these claims, from his enviable position of comfort
> and security in the center of our good Kingdom, he
> spends his time celebrating with the consumption of
> bread and mock fool's courts. While my cousin was
> sating his glutenous gluttony, no doubt at the expense
> of the winter wheat stores of his serfs, I was
> traveling to the northern reaches of the Western
> Region to attend Their Majesties and assure the
> security of the border under the care of the Shire of
> Am Loch. Now I ask who has their mind on security and
> who has grown soft in their excess?
> But this matter goes further than just the supposed
> cause of assuring the western borders security, for
> Armand has made no attempt to hide the fact that he
> plans to reward his captains with the lands of the
> Western Region that are not directly held by the
> Shires or Barony in the region. These are the lands
> commonly called the Crown Lands, so my cousin is
> making promises with lands that he has no rightful
> claim to.
> And yet it goes further my good kinsmen for I have
> received the following message, intercepted from a
> trusted adviser of the Baron of Elfsea:
> "
I know well the boundaries of the Barony.  As
> everyone knows, Elfsea’s lands extend westward to the
> city walls of Bonwicke, excepting only the free shire
> of Mendersham.  When we have journeyed to Gothic War
> in the past, we have remained in Elfsea.
> If Bonwicke thinks that he alone defends the West, he
> is mistaken.  If he persists in this error, Elfsea and
> his allies will be happy to educate him on Gothic’s
> field.
> It seems that the lust for power of Elfsea's lords
> know no bounds and now they lay claim to lands that
> have been held by the stalwart companions of the
> Western Region while they were yet babes in their
> mothers arms. This madness must end and so I call upon
> you to join with me at month's end and let us call the
> mad Baron of Elfsea to account.
> The West has need of all warriors of true heart, be
> they warriors of the sword, rapier, bow, knife ax and
> spear, or warrior of the arts and service held in
> great esteem. Come and pledge your skills to the
> Barony of Bonwicke and the Western Region. Join us on
> the fields of battle and in the lysts. Compete in the
> arts and serve where you may (gate, security, cleaning
> crew, water bearing, marshaling etc.) and through our
> combined efforts we will throw back the army of the
> Bloody Baron and call him to account.
> To Gothic Wars!!!
> In service to the Crown and the lands I hold for Them,
> Kainin Tepesa
> Baron of Bonwicke
> http://www.bonwicke.org/gothicwars.html
> --- Dragonetti <dragonetti at generich.com> wrote:
> > Huzzah!
> > 
> > Along with the very successful and tasty bread
> > competitions, we had
> > firewalkers (traveling bards), board games a plenty,
> > hobby horse and foot
> > races, a silent auction, living A&S, water melees,
> > the Valhalla Circle of
> > Death for the chivalric fighters, entertaining
> > learning opportunities such
> > as origami and Bardic Heckling :-) (and many
> > others), a somewhat frightening
> > Phoole's Court and plenty of relaxing fellowship and
> > camaraderie!
> > 
> > This all occurred on a new (for us) site on the
> > shores of Benbrook lake,
> > which provided great ambience and a cool breeze off
> > the lake. It was
> > stewarded most admirably by Anistashia Rudrefer and
> > Xue Xian-Xian who can
> > take pride in a resounding success with nearly 100
> > in attendance at this,
> > their first foray into the stressful world of
> > autocratting. I must admit I
> > first thought the schedule to be a bit ambitious,
> > but these ladies, and
> > their staff, pulled it all together extremely well!
> > You have my sincere
> > thanks and I look forward to your next event! And to
> > all the winners of the
> > day's competitions....Vivat!
> > 
> > In the service of kingdom, crown and barony, I
> > remain,
> > HE Armand Dragonetti
> > Baron of Elfsea
> > Lord Dragonsfire Tor

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